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More pictures from the NICU.

One of the things that will always bother me about the twins’ stay in the NICU (one amongst the many) is that they weren’t in the same basinette or even next to each other in side-by-side basinettes. They were across the room from each other. I still don’t know why that had to be like […]

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The beginning: Part two.

I was in the hospital for four days, and the babies were just a short jaunt down the hallway. Every morning, Justin would help me shower and we would head down to the NICU. We were welcome at any time except for during the four shift changes, so we used that time to go back […]

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The beginning: Part one.

I showed up for a routine weekly non-stress test and ended up delivering the twins, five weeks early — shock doesn’t even begin to cover it. Jack’s growth had slowed a few weeks earlier and they were keeping a close watch on him; after the non-stress test, which went beautifully, they sent me in for […]

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