Monthly Archives: August 2012

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close.

Like any public school employee, I always have the grandest plans for the summer. Oh, the projects I’ll finish! Oh, the fun I’ll have! The babies and I will be outside every day! The summer, she shall last forever! Then real life gets in the way. I worked for two weeks after school ended, then […]

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What we’re worrying about TODAY.

So. The babies sleep with a little lamp on next to their beds. It has a really low-wattage bulb in it, and we have a dimmer attached so we can make it really, really, dim, but it’s enough light for us to come in and check on them and you can pretty much make out […]

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Dear Kohl Children’s Museum: We’re Back!

So I made the Children’s Museum sound SO FABULOUS that Justin just had to see it. He’s a MUSEUM GEEK. We went today (Wednesday), hitting the place about 10 am (they open at 9:30). I really thought we would get there before the crowd but nope — it was way packed. Much more crowded than […]

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