Saturday secondhand finds.

My two most exciting finds of the weekend:

The Fisher Price booster ($29.99 on Amazon right now) is particularly useful as we just started feeding solids. I got it for $5 and it scrubbed up like new! The Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker has to be put away for a while, until the babies grow an inch or two — their little toes don’t touch the ground in it yet. That’s on Amazon for $49.95 right now and I paid, again $5 for it! It was originally priced at $10, but the people having the sale were so hot and tired by the time I got there, they had marked everything half-price. I really am thrilled with the deals on both of those because they were items I was considering purchasing new.

Other finds…

Starting from top left: Manhattan Toy’s Winkel ($14.99 on Amazon)– we have one of these, but the kids like it so much I thought I would pick up a second one. When I was so worried because I didn’t think they were missing the milestone for grabbing things, this toy is what reassured me — they couldn’t help themselves, they had to grab it as soon as they saw it. It’s great for chewing on, too. I got this for fifty cents. Those round things are Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds. (Various prices but looks like between $16-20 for three or four of them.) They’re so cute. I’m not sure they’ll be much use until the babies start crawling and get a little more mobile, but for $3 for about 15 of them I thought they were worth a try. Oh, those purses! Held by Daddy, by the way, who was my model for the photo shoot. I know it was ridiculous to buy those, and I know they’re going to take up a lot of room that we don’t have, and I know that Emme won’t enjoy them for years and years, but I just couldn’t resist. They were only $1 each and in perfect shape. They’re going in the future toys tub to be pulled out at a later date. The little sneakers are for Jack — I know babies don’t need shoes but I think socks just look — well, unfinished — and a lot of times it’s too cool for bare feet when we go on our walk. Ohhhhhh, the stack of books. My second-favorite buy of the day. These were being sold by what I think was a grandmother who had them for her granddaughter, so the’re in beautiful shape, and they’re some of the BEST titles. They were a quarter a piece! Two Olivia titles, five Madeline titles, Eloise, and Make Way for Ducklings. LOVE all of them. I am really pleased with our little library at this point. (I was discouraged during my book search at first — I figure that most people hold on to the really good books and sell the crappy ones, which would explain the poor selection in thrift stores and yard sales. But every now and then I’ll find a nice stash like this that renews my faith in purchasing second-hand.) ┬áLast, another Melissa and Doug sound puzzle ($12.99 on Amazon) for $1. This will go into the magic future tub. I can’t wait to start putting puzzles together with them.

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