More of the ick.

This post will contain graphic references to vomit. We have TWO BABIES, people, what did you expect? Feel free to skip if you are of the weak of stomach.

So Emmeline vomited (womited — am I the only All Creatures Great and Small fan out there? I always hear “vomiting” as “womiting” in my head) overnight on Wednesday night, copious amounts, several times, including one time when she was cuddled in my arms, dangerously close to my mouth. (Let us never speak of this again.) She didn’t seem any the worse for wear for it, went right back to sleep, and, aside from some diaper issues, was fine the next day, so we chalked it up to the rich food we gave them last Monday. Until Saturday morning, when I woke up at 7 am (IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY TO SLEEP IN, PEOPLE!) and commenced the vomiting that would continue, every thirty minutes, like clockwork, until about 12:30 pm. EVERY THIRTY MINUTES. It was worse than the sickness in January, in that it was more violent, and the vomiting was more frequent, though it was over a shorter span of time, so I suppose I should count my blessings. By about 3 pm, I was able to get up and get some liquids, threw up one more time, climbed back in bed, and slept until 5 pm; tried to get up to help Justin get the kids to bed but ended up crawling back into my own bed by 6:30. The next day was spent listlessly lying on the couch, trying to help Justin, but not being able to contribute much at all given my weakness and soreness. Poor Justin, he slaved like a dog all weekend and got NO TIME to himself. He was pretty wiped out by Sunday night.

We both had Monday off, and had arranged for the babysitter to come in, but I was totally waiting for something to happen that would shut down our plans of a pleasant day together: the babysitter would get whatever Emme and I had, or Justin would get it, or Jack would get it, or the plumbing would break and our apartment would be flooded, or…but Monday bloomed, bright and sunny, and the babysitter showed up right on time, and I had a very pleasant morning thrift store shopping, especially since it was 50% off at most area thrift stores due to President’s Day sales. I got a ton of adorable stuff for them to wear between now and Spring, and am working on a post about thrift store finds, but here’s a sneak peek of the Little Man in his new rugby shirt:

Well befitting his sometimes-thuggish nature, no?

The whole time I was shopping I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop — it’s been so long since we’ve had a day off that went smoothly. Usually someone is sick, or I’m working on a project, or something comes up.  I went from the thrift store to Target, where I realized I was missing my wallet when I got to the checkout line. “Aha!” I though frantically. “This is THE THING that is going to go wrong!” After rushing around the store, re-tracing my steps, I checked the front seat of my car — where my wallet had fallen out of my coat pocket. When I got BACK to the checkout line, I couldn’t find my debit card or driver’s license, both of which I had used at the thrift store. After paying at Target, I rushed back to the thrift, telling them that I had left my debit card — but the cashier assured me that, no, I had not, she distinctly remembered handing my card back to me. I trudged back to the car, where, I realized, I had parked in a hydrant space — THIS would be THE THING, I would have a $200 hydrant ticket — but no, no ticket, and when I ransacked my thrift bags, there was my debit card and driver’s license. And that, my friends, is how I spent the morning trying to make my own fate in a most pessimistic way.

When I got back home, I used the fact that I had two photo assistants to try and take some Easter photos. As it turns out, two photo assistants are not enough.  From now on, I will need four, or six, or, perhaps, a trained octopus or two to help me out with these posed photos.


There MIGHT be one that I could legitimately use as an easter picture — although, now that I look at these, their outfits are MOST un-Easterlike — but I shall save that for when we’re closer to the season.

After the photoshoot, Justin and I headed out to have a nice lunch and to buy him a pair of shoes. Wingtips, as a matter of fact, which I’ve always been most fond of as my Dad was never found without a pair on his feet during his pre-retirement days. This may seem like mundane news to the rest of you but Justin only buys new clothing once every twelve years or so, so it was a pretty big day around the Fletchtower household.

All in all, it was a very relaxing day: I made spaghetti in the kitchen with the babies when we got home, which went well until Jack dumped the pitcher of formula over his head, apparently enjoying, very much, the sensation of the sticky liquid oozing over his hair. I was so cognizant of the difference in my interactions with them after such a relaxing day — I was so much more patient, and I enjoyed their company so much more. I have got to find a way to be less stressed out about my job, because it’s tainting precious time that I have with them. But isn’t that the age-old question? How to balance work with family? Of course, I know the answer: win the lottery. I did buy two tickets while out and about on Monday. Here’s hoping our ship is finally coming in.

stasia - February 22, 2012 - 7:34 pm

you make me laugh out loud all of the time! this is an excellent entry; you are a funny, funny woman.
i enjoy reading this blog so much; both you and justin are very interesting writers…please keep them coming!

Janie Hightower - February 22, 2012 - 9:30 pm

I can’t stop laughing at the expressions on the babies’ faces. I love that first one of Jack by himself. They both have changed so much since Christmas.

Robert M. Hightower - February 25, 2012 - 4:32 pm

Great story, with wonderful pictures. (Course the subjects help make the pictures.)

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