I [heart] links: Party edition.

Easy directions for party decorations that pack a punch! (I should write headlines.)

Scroll down to the crepe paper chandeliers. (Also: her dress is exactly what I wanted mine to look like, only I wanted a little color instead of pure white. BUT LET’S NOT GET ONTO THAT SUBJECT AGAIN.)

I am a fan of photos for decoration at birthday parties.

Katie: you will flip over this mermaid-themed party.

(Links above courtesy of the awesome Pinterest boards of Emily Schildhouse — if you’re not following her, you should be!)

OMG, even as a kid, this party would have made me miserable. I would be positively catatonic as a child if my hands even got dirt on them. It’s probably a very fun idea for all of the normal children out there, though.

I adore the idea of mini cakes for a kid’s birthday!

Shut. Up. Another link Katie will love, I’m predicting.

I know a certain father who will want to file this away for future birthdays.

Aaaaaand…once you pick out the perfect theme: how to photograph your awesome birthday party!


Katie - March 6, 2012 - 3:11 pm

I am livid that I didn’t think about a sea shell wreath! Oh my goodness – that would have been perfect for the door! Good thing I have a chance of another mermaid party someday in the future!

And yeah, those cupcakes are totally on my list!

It’s a Princess theme for Danielle’s 5th and I think Rainbows for “Baby E’s” 1st… ooh, this is the first time I’ve given a name clue… just for you, Lara… just for you 🙂

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