I [heart] links: Projects and crafts.

No one uses cloth napkins any more. If I did, though, I would be stitching these up pronto.

Are you painting a room, a house, a project? This website is super for seeing actual colors in actual houses so you can make some decisions.

(Again, some of these links are courtesy of my favorite pinner, Emily Schildhouse. Follow her!)

Very cool: do it yourself fabric decals for the wall! 

This house is chock full of clever ideas for re-purposing vintage objects — starting with a girl’s room but really, there are ideas to be gleaned from all over the house.

Let’s say you were the crafty type who knew her way around a jigsaw. Couldn’t you whip one of these up and avoid paying $765, which is how much they’re going for at Sears? . TOO CUTE. Here it is in action. I love this. Dad, remember all that construction equipment you’ve got in your garage???



Katie - June 1, 2012 - 10:35 am

We use cloth napkins when we eat in the formal dining room (read: holidays, birthdays, when company comes.) These are adorable, and I have a box of buttons do to something with…

Aunt Becky - June 1, 2012 - 4:28 pm

Lara, did you know when your Granny Hoelzeman was a girl the boys would tease her and call her “BeesKnees” for Berniece. Love you. Give hugs all around. Becky

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