Two months old!

Holey Moley. Two months? Really?

That’s a rare smile from Jack in the photo above. Our little boy seems a little unhappy for a lot of the time; unlike his sister and her perpetually (if a bit stubborn) happy nature, Jack seems to be looking for something that he’s not quite finding yet. We’re going to talk to the doctor about the possibility of reflux; he seems to have particular distress right after eating and shows a lot of the traditional hallmarks of reflux (arching back, crying during feedings, seeming to have pain when he burps or spits up). Hopefully we can find out what’s going on with him soon.

Emmeline doesn’t exactly love tummy time, but she likes it a bit more than her brother does. Jack screams and cries almost the second we put him down on his belly (another indication that he might have reflux issues). Makes me nervous, because I know you’re supposed to be enforcing a certain amount of tummy time at this point and we are not even coming close. Maybe after we find out about medication for him?

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