Smooth move.

Pardon the pun in the title. For this, you see, is a post about pooping.

Justin and I aren’t the sort of people to use the word “poop.” Or even talk about it. We actually refrain from thinking about it as much as possible. We’re squeamish that way. Justin swore that he would never use slang like “poop” or “pee” but instead would be adult and clinical while asking our children if they needed to urinate.

Yeah, I’m already over that. I’m all about the shorthand of pooping and peeing. We’ll let Justin struggle with the job of explaining what a bowel movement is to a two-year old when it comes time to start potty training.

BTW, I think I’m going to be one of those crazy people who starts to try potty training at 18 months. I’ll be home for the summer — it seems like a perfect time to try the 3-day thing where you let them run around without pants or diapers on and rush them to the toilet when they start to go. Although I’m probably going to have to go on some kind of medication to get my OCD under control before taking on that project.

Anyway, sorry to digress. This is actually a post about the here and now.

We tried to get the babies off of formula right around their first birthday — foolishly, we went to 100% milk overnight because we’re dumb and don’t know better. Emme got terribly constipated almost immediately and Jack was heading that way. We went back to a 75% formula/25% milk mix and have been kind of upping the milk ratio for a while now. But once we hit above a 50-50 mix, Emme started having problems again. So I started doing some research and came up with this regimen:

  • Based on the advice of good old Dr. Sears, we’ve started sprinkling about a teaspoon of flax meal on their morning cereal. I really thought we might have trouble getting them to eat it this way but if anything, they’ve started eating more cereal with the flax meal than they did without!
  • Here is my favorite new development in the twins lives: they are drinking a 5 oz smoothie a day that consists of two big handfuls of baby spinach, a dash of milk, and frozen fruit in whatever combination sounds good to me that particular day. I’ve done spinach, peaches, mangoes, and bananas; spinach, blueberries, and bananas; spinach, mandarin oranges, peaches, and mangoes; and spinach, raspberries, and bananas. I would love to leave out the bananas because they can be constipating but they are really what make the smoothies DELICIOUS. And they are DELICIOUS. I can’t believe you can’t taste the spinach! In addition to more fiber now, the babies are getting more vitamins and iron that they were previously. I no longer feel bad for feeding them my homemade macaroni and cheese for dinner! I looked online for smoothie recipes, and couldn’t believe how many had sugar in them! Or chocolate! What the hell, people, these are supposed to be healthy. I finally got frustrated and just started experimenting. You really don’t need a recipe. Throw some tasty fruits in the blender and go to town — so far, I haven’t had a gross outcome. I’m going to get some kale this weekend and try it instead of spinach next week.
  • We’ve also started giving them water instead of milk at lunch. Now that we’re introducing more fiber in their diets, we need to make sure they’re drinking more fluids. Introducing more fiber without more fluids just tends to gum up the works even more.

Results? So far, so good! We’re averaging two dirty diapers a day and Emme doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort.

And because Justin says I can’t have an entry without posting photos…here are some random shots for your enjoyment.

Emme and Daddy at the park.

Daddy and Jack contemplate the train.

Katie - March 22, 2012 - 9:54 pm

So… Justin wants his kids to be the ones that raise their hand in Kindergarten and say “Mrs. Jones, I need to urinate and have a bowl movement, may I have the hall pass?” Nice. Way to go Justin, scar them for life 😉

Janie Hightower - March 22, 2012 - 10:38 pm

This is a great entry! (Very funny, too.) I’m so glad to hear that they love the smoothies. They sound really nutritious. What a good feeling it must be to know you’re giving them such a good start as far as healthy eating goes.

Shannon - March 23, 2012 - 9:25 am

I absolutely LOVE Jack’s expression and those rolled up pants of course!

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