I [heart] links: Online magazines.

I miss paper magazines, I really do. There was a Border’s bookstore right across the street from the building I worked in for seven years and it was my regular practice to go over on payday and spend anywhere between $20-$30 on magazines and one or two trade paperbacks. I loved that feeling of coming home on a Friday with a bookstore bag filled to the brim with reading materials.

That’s right. I was a party animal.

Domino, Budget Living, Country Living, and my beloved Blueprint…gone, but not forgotten. Sob.

Of course, it’s just as well that most are out of print these days as I don’t have $100 a month to spend on them. I take some consolation in the fact that there are many online magazines to take their place; it’s not the same, but it’s much less wasteful, easier on the environment, and since most are free, cheaper than the paper alternative.

Here are some pretty cool ones, most courtesy of the pins of Vanessa Barraza Brady, a Pinner you should follow.

Sweet Paul. Cooking, crafts, and entertaining. All of it pretty.

Funkytime Magazine. DIY and Design, with a hipster vibe.

Tickle the Imagination. Crafts and DIY. The issue linked is their wedding issue — stunning projects featured that I wish I had seen before my wedding!

Styled. Lifestyle magazine. You know, the kind of lifestyle that you wish you had but never will. Eye candy.

Gifted. Holiday gift guides from Creature Comforts. Lovely. A good link to have when you’re desperately trying to buy a gift for that one person who is impossible to buy for.

Oooooh, Paper Runway. Elaborate paper projects that I’m not smart enough to accomplish but fun to look at.

PrairieHive. Lifestyle, design, food. You name it. Lots of nice home shots featuring eclectic vintage decor.

Delish. Lifestyle magazine with a family/kids angle.

Lonny. Pretty lifestyle magazine. Most of the style is a little Town and Country for me, but it’s lovely to look at.

Rue. For the fashionista in you. With a dash of home design.

Heart Home. UK magazine with a lot of fun vintage styling in the designs featured.



Janie Hightower - March 25, 2012 - 10:49 am

WILL YOU PLEASE STOP PUTTING THESE LINKS ON HERE???!!! I have spent over 30 minutes on one link alone, and didn’t really do anything but scan those pages, bookmarking almost every single one. I have work to do, you know!

Janie Hightower - March 29, 2012 - 7:55 pm

We sure are getting tired of those magazine links.

Shannon - March 29, 2012 - 8:07 pm

I know! What is up with the lack of posting!?!?!?! How am I to get my fix of the twins…especially since I haven’t been able to see them!

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