Product review: Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer.

We have your basic, standard bouncy seats for each of the babies. They’re great — have a nice vibration mechanism on them and are a reliable place to plop the baby when you have to make a bottle quickly or change the other one’s diaper. We’ve also used them for napping purposes, especially for Jack, who has acid reflux issues and can benefit from the angled seat. But I wanted something a little more entertaining that was also portable — I can’t really move the playmats from room to room, and the bouncy seats weren’t entertaining enough to keep the babies occupied when I’m unloading the dishwasher. So I started stalking the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer on Amazon.

It’s only got 15 reviews, so it’s hasn’t hit that “oh my god this is the best product ever” status that items like Sophie the teething giraffe have (1200-plus reviews and counting — WTF? IT’S JUST A TEETHER, PEOPLE)(Okay, I bought a Sophie. I DRANK THE KOOL AID)(I regret to inform you that it’s not that awesome.), and with an almost-$50 pricetag, it was a hard sell for me. But in my constant quest to keep one twin happy and occupied while waiting for the other one to wake up so I can feed them together, I took a chance and ordered it.

I LOVE it. First of all, it’s super-plush. I love just putting the babies in it — I feel like I’m sending them to some kind of fancy spa. It has a vibration mechanism that doesn’t have a timer — I adore that. I love that the arms fold out for putting them in and taking them out of the chair — that’s one thing about our gyms: it’s really hard to get them out from underneath the gyms without hitting their heads on all of the hanging stuff. The little musical crab is really cute and they both have chortled out loud while looking and listening to it. Once again, I added the tried and true plastic rings to the set-up; they just love reaching and chewing on them. And it’s very portable, making it easy for me to move from room to room so I can do housework while entertaining the baby at the same time.

I still think it’s priced a little high but I don’t regret buying it. Would recommend!

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