My little accountant.

I found a bunch of baby clip-on ties at a yard sale over the summer and had to buy them. Add in a button-down shirt and a pinch of bored mommy and you have the following photo shoot developing:

It’s a wonder I could hold the camera steady, I was laughing so hard at the way he looked.

Here’s my imagined dialogue:

Photo One: “I’ve been crunching the numbers all night. You’ve really made a mess of it this time.”

Photo Two: (Looking at Mommy): “She just doesn’t seem to understand, no matter how many times I tell her: she cannot claim her monkey as a deduction.”

Photo Three: “Oh — no — don’t — oh, you know I hate it when you cry. Fine. I’ll figure this out. I’ll work on it until I can come up with a solution.”

Photo Four: “But only because you’re my sister, Emmeline. Now go get me some chocolate milk and Cheerios. This is going to be a long night.”

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