Happy Halloween! We’re ten months old!

So Halloween might now be my favorite holiday, what with it offering me the option of combining the two things I love most in the world: dressing my babies up in funny outfits and taking pictures of them.

Oh, and isn’t it obvious they love it as much as I do? Could they look any more surly? We took them down to the deck to take these, where it was cold and damp, and muddy, as you can see by their knees. So that might have had something to do with their foul moods. We got the costumes at Costco for some ridiculously low price — $7.99, maybe? — and I thought, heck, yeah, it’s worth $16 for a photo shoot in those.

We aren’t going to take them trick-or-treating. Number one, they don’t eat candy, and I’ll tell you two more people who SHOULDN’T eat candy, and that’s mom and dad. Number two, living in Chicago, trick-or-treating isn’t as cut and dried as it was when we were little. Most of my friends go out to the grandparents’ houses in the suburbs. Or they do this thing where they go to stores to trick or treat. They’re just too little to get anything out of it, so Justin and will take the lazy way out and abstain.

Now, NEXT year…next year is a different story.

I can’t believe they will be one year old in two months. The mind boggles.

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