This Week’s Haul.

Justin’s birthday was this weekend — his 40th, as a matter of fact, an amazing milestone for which the babies and I did nothing special. Oh, sure, I made him a pan of lasagna with only the best of ingredients (this particular lasagna came with a ridiculous price tag — one of the cheeses alone was $15! But it was pretty damn good — highly recommend), some lemon bars, some brownies, and a birthday cake…but the birthday cake came out like this:

Sad, so sad…and…I haven’t gotten him a birthday present yet because I was paralyzed by the import of the event and couldn’t figure out what would possibly be sufficient for such an occasion, so I pulled the “you pick out your own birthday present” con. Which left him with exactly one present to open on his birthday.

Woo hoo! Party like a rockstar, dude, it’s your 40th birthday! Consider, for a moment, how my 40th birthday went down: a bar was rented. 30 of my friends were invited to said bar, where they drank for free all night. An awesome honkytonk band played for hours and, when they were through, we sang karaoke well into the wee hours. All orchestrated by my amazing husband.

Yeah, I suck.

Since having these babies, my gift mojo is just gone. Evaporated. I can’t think of anything cool to give anyone, to the point where we’ve resorted to gift cards for birthdays and Christmases. It’s so frustrating, because I used to pride myself on finding awesome presents. But it’s like there’s only so much room in my noggin and right now “thoughtful gifts for other people” is being nudged out by “why does my baby only have one word in his vocabulary at the age of 18 months.”

But, anyway: Justin Fletcher, I owe you and awesome 40th birthday party and gift. And as soon as these kids have gone off to college, you shall collect.

Saturdays, if you recall, are usually my days off, but since it was Birthday Weekend — a Fletcher family tradition that allows free rein to the birthday boy or girl — it became my day. A sane person would have given up yard saling just for that day but I never claimed to be sane when it comes to secondhand finds: I packed those babies up in the car and set off to every neighborhood sale I could find. We were out around 2.5 hours, and I think it went okay. Jack hated getting in and out of the car seat, but for the most part, there was enough for them to look at to keep them occupied while we were roaming the neighborhoods. He definitely started getting cranky after about two hours but, for an 18-month-old, I would assume that’s to be expected. Emme, on the other hand, could have gone all day. Her good spirits never flagged and she greeted everyone we met with a bright and cheery “Hi!” (Sidebar: if a baby says hi to you, please say hi back. Man, her face just falls when someone doesn’t answer. The crazy mother in me wanted to say, loudly, “Hey! She said hi to you!” every time that happened. But I am usually able to keep crazy mother inside. While we’re in public, at least.)

Okay, on to my finds for the day.

I love these magnetic paper dolls! Four dolls and so many different outfits to choose from. This thing has a ton of pieces to it. $2 for all! To put away for a while.

Continuing on with the magnetic paper doll theme — this book has a bunch of magnetized clothes and each page is a different little seasonal scene so you can dress the kiddies in appropriate clothing for the weather. Also to put away for a little later. If I gave these to them to play with now every single piece would be gone within three minutes.

Shoes have become an issue lately. I cannot stand spending $40 on a pair of shoes that has a three month shelf life at this point. But it’s hard to find nice used ones. I have more luck with boys’ shoes than girls’, as evidenced by these two pairs I got on Saturday.

These should be the perfect size once the cooler weather hits in the Fall. And won’t Jack be styling in them?

And finally, this full-size faux vintage quilt that I couldn’t pass up for $6. You never know when you’re going to need a good quilt!

(Interested in my vintage finds? Mosey on over to Pretty.Quirky. to take a gander.)

It was kind of nice to take the twins along…but then again, Saturdays are my day of utter relaxation, and constant whining from the backseat (I’m looking at you, Jack) kind of takes the thrill out of it. I may have to wait until they’re a little older to begin the indoctrination of the yard sale culture.

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Justin - June 25, 2012 - 3:57 pm

Pay no attention to the woman behind the keyboard. My birthday was awesome!

Peace - June 25, 2012 - 9:24 pm

Just wandered over from some thrift share link party or another and had to say- hang in there sister…I am the mom of two sets of boy girl twins, still alive at ages 17 & 25. The phrase “it gets better” applies here as well, altho I still can’t really take any of them thrifting with me without some whining. ;O)

Lara Jo - June 26, 2012 - 10:02 pm

God love you for letting me know that it’s possible to live through it! I love hearing success stories such as yours. I do have faith that it gets easier — the first year was really, really rough for me but I’m starting to relax into it a bit more now that they’re in their second year. Thanks for writing and thanks for reading — I really appreciate it!

Wilma - April 4, 2017 - 4:44 pm

I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brohter out.

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