Our Little Vacation, Part II: Little Rock

The only place hotter than Fayetteville two weeks ago was Little Rock. So, naturally, we packed up our rag-tag car of misfits and headed down there for a visit with the Hightower grandparents.

Helping us to beat the heat was Grandpa, who purchased not one but two fun-in-the-sun waterlicious toys for us to play with, which we wasted no time in climbing into (and, in fact, partook of for three days in a row).

Jack had himself a little summer romance with the sea monster on the pool.

They also had fun in the little snake-shaped sprinkler that Grandpa bought them.

I don’t like to imply that Grandpa bought their love with pool toys or anything, but they were particularly enamored of him this visit.

It’s a good thing we had the pool. Like most of the country, Little Rock was suffering heat that was excruciating — on one day, my car temp read 106 degrees, and that’s without the humidity figured in. When you walked outside it was like a fist was punching you in the face. A fist holding a radiator. This weather, it’s scary.

While in Little Rock, we got to spend time with two of my five aunts — unfortunately, did not take any photos with Katie, who Jack got to spend some quality time with, but got this cute picture of Emme and Aunt Judy:

We would have had a lot of photos of the extended family if we had been able to go to Aunt Katie’s 4th of July party — but the twins had contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease from poor Will earlier in the week. He was just getting over it, and we hoped we might dodge the bullet, but about Wednesday, they started showing symptoms. Anyone over 5 is not in danger of contracting the virus, and there was no one at the party under that age, but we decided to play it safe. Jack got a relatively mild case, with bumps all over but seemingly little discomfort. Emme had hardly any bumps but had a big blister right on the end of her tongue and was fairly miserable. She followed up the Hand Foot and Mouth with a bad bout of teething and has been fairly crabby lately, but is slowly coming out of it — Grandma, who came home with us for a little visit, is certainly helping.

We sure would love to live closer to family and not only see them twice a year. Something we’re working on…slowly but surely…


laura - July 15, 2012 - 7:24 pm

I wish I had a plastic swimming pool… it’s 88F and 79% humidity at 8:19AM.

That looks like a great deal of fun! I’m so happy I learned about your blog so I can stalk you from afar. LOVE.

Marsha - July 15, 2012 - 10:55 pm

Very cute photos! And I learned what Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is–I had never heard of it! From my requisite Internet research I learned it has no connection to Foot and Mouth (Hoof and Mouth) disease, which is only in animals. Your blog is so educational! : )

Glad you all survived another saga and are back home–with the help of your Mom.

Katie - July 17, 2012 - 1:07 pm

Jack has the *best* expressions!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Emme’s red dress!!!!

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