Blissful weather.

If the weather was like this for long periods of time, the entire world would live in Chicago. As it is, it’s easy to forget that the wretched winter looms ahead of us, a mere two or three months away…cool, breezy, and sunny weather can do that to a person. On Saturday, Justin took our urchins to the lakefront, where they enjoyed an hour of beautiful lakeside weather, and then later that day we took them down to the side yard — which, really, we don’t do enough. It’s such an ideal space. They’re contained, and there’s nothing they can do to hurt themselves, so it’s easy to sort of zone out as the adult and just enjoy being outside. Win/win for everyone.

Jack got his hair cut last weekend and I can’t stop taking pictures of and petting the little nape of his neck. Utterly kissable.

This is probably the world’s most boring picture — the back of some kid’s head — but to his mommy, it is frame-worthy.

Emme’s love affair with throwing and catching balls continues, and she is getting quite good at it. Justin and I have discussed how hilariously ironic it will be if she turns out to be athletic, what with our almost completely arts-related skill set. (Although — as difficult as it may be for those who know me now to believe — I was quite the soccer star in about fifth through seventh grade.) How baffled yet proud we will look at her sports games.

It is astonishing to me how sterotypically boy-like Jack is these days. If there is dirt to be found, he will find it (and will most likely eat it). If there is water to be splashed in, he will splash in it (and, probably, drink it). And if there is dirt and water…well, let’s just say a bath will be necessary in the near future. 

Long moments were spent splashing in the gross water festering in the folded up pool in the corner of the yard. Mmmmmm…DELICIOUS!

Some random shots…

So, my Dad does this thing with his hand I’ve always called his Elvis Hand. You know, that thing Elvis does when he’s singing with the outstretched arm and splayed fingers? This was the closest photo I could find in a hurry:

My Dad does it when he’s really FEELING the music. And for about three months, Jack has been doing it to. It cracks me up because it looks exactly like my Dad when he does it: intense face, intense arm, intense hands.

I’ve been trying to get a good photo of it but have never been fast enough with the camera. This is as close as I’ve come to capturing it. He was casting a spell on the beautiful blue sky, I suppose, to keep it there forever.

Here’s hoping it worked.


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