You say it’s your birthday?

So one of the most exciting things about moving back to Arkansas before the twins’ birthday was that we got to have a real, live birthday party for them which their relatives were able to attend! Very exciting.

However, we moved on the 8th, and their birthday was on the 16th, and I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN, PEOPLE. I’m sorry, did that sound a little defensive? The first plan was to have people over on that Sunday and just have it be a very low-key affair. But 1. the kids were sniffling and sneezing and 2. the house looked like something out of a particularly gruesome episode of Hoarders and as much as I tried to chant “People will understand, people will understand,” as some kind of weird mantra, I just couldn’t bring myself to invite people in to such a downright hazardous environment. So we had a birthday Skype call with Jessica on the 16th, and my brother, sister-in-law, and their pack came over briefly, but on the whole we decided to pretend that the twins’ birthday was the following Sunday.

That’s convenient for people, right? To have to come to a toddler’s birthday party at 10 am on December 23rd?

Luckily, our relatives are a kind, understanding, forgiving lot, and they all gamely showed up to our little event.

The twins were thrilled at having the spotlight pointed so squarely at them. Also, obsessed with the gift and cupcake table.

Mom had prepped them for blowing out the candles the day before, so they were ready to do their part.

Emme COULD NOT WAIT for that cupcake.

And Jack was not far behind.

Apparently, they are both under the impression that there is some “no hands” rule for the eating of cupcakes. (BTW, all of these cupcake shots were valiantly taken by Aunt Chelsea, who took the camera when I thrust it at her and just started snapping away.)

We were so lucky that so many people made it, given that it was two days before Christmas.

That’s Emme with her cousin, Hazel, who is, I’m telling you, ADORABLE.

They loved every one of their presents — Jack did his customary “Ooooohhhh,” after each one, but there was one that they took a shining to a LITTLE more than the rest.

This little Leap Frog guitar showed up on our doorstep about three days before the party, with no note. Justin didn’t order it, I didn’t order it. I was baffled until my mom said, “I’ll bet Shannon sent it!” and I felt ridiculously stupid, because of course she sent it, along with The Polar Express book and DVD and another Leap Frog electronic game that the babies are obsessed with as well. Her presents never miss. I don’t know how she does it. But there were fisticuffs over this guitar.


Emme approached, and made her grab. All other photos of the incident are censored for violence as her brother used both of his hands to push her as hard as he could to the floor to defend THE BEST PRESENT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. He did a stint in time out and then we had to put the guitar up. THANK GOD, Santa must have known what was going on in our house because he brought a second one on Christmas morning and peace has been restored.

Emme ate her entire cupcake, including three inches of icing, and Jack ate most of his. So it kind of makes sense that Emme proceeded to talk, non-stop, from 1 pm, when she was put down for a nap, until 3:40, when I finally, with exasperation, got her up. Jack managed to sleep for about a half hour before her repeated entreaties of “Jack! Jack! Jack! JAAAAAAACK!” got to be too much and he joined the fray. And I thought to myself, aha. There is a reason I limit refined sugar in their diets.

Lovely to have their nearest and dearest here to celebrate with them. Helps us remember why we moved back!


Marsha - December 28, 2012 - 12:10 pm

Lara, those photos are adorable! And everyone color-coordinated…though I shouldn’t be surprised! Thanks for the great updates for those of us who are Facebook-challenged. Loved all the photos of your old apartment too on your other blog, and the new ones since your move. Sounds like you’re settling in and I’m sure both of your families are happy that you’re closer. A happy, healthy 2013 to you all…

jane f hightower - January 2, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Grandma is in HEAVEN, I tell you, with these photos so easy to access and drool over!

Elaine - January 2, 2013 - 2:47 pm

Lara and Justin, welcome back to Arkansas! One grandparent has already admitted to being in heaven and I’m sure they all feel the same. These pictures are precious…the twins just keep getting cuter and cuter. Can’t believe they’re two already! Maybe we’ll have a picnic in Wilson park when the weather warms up. I’ve yet to meet the little dolls in person.

Richard Ragsdale - January 2, 2013 - 4:33 pm

Now THAT’S how you eat a cupcake!

Shannon - January 3, 2013 - 10:18 pm

Only the best for the cutest and bestest little people in the world! 🙂 These pictures make me feel like I was there! So adorable!

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