Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off!

So. A team of about five child development specialists came to our house this week. How nice was that? Apparently, if your baby spends even a day in the NICU, you’re eligible for this service — they come out just to make sure everything is progressing as it should and to recommend services if there are any problems. This was AWESOME for me because, of course, I have been so worried that each of them is lagging behind in one way or another. For Emmeline, I was worried that she has torticollis, a condition in which a baby primarily turns her head and neck to one side and ignores the other side. It’s caused by one side of the neck muscles not developing as well as the other side and affects twins largely due to the reduced space in the uterus — they end up spending a great deal of their time in one position. Emmeline looks to the extreme left side so frequently — we used to wonder what the heck she was trying to see but then noticed that she does it regardless of what is on that side. So of course I google and find this condition and become convinced she has it. It’s completely treatable, but the biggest issue is that positioning her head on one side the majority of the time can case a malformation of the skull — which is why you see babies wearing helmets sometimes. I really didn’t want her to have to go through that. Justin was also concerned about her eyesight, since he didn’t think she was tracking as well as Jack when we took them to the zoo. Jack I am more worried about, developmentally speaking — he still balls up his fists a lot of the time instead of using his hands, has trouble holding up his head for longer than a few minutes, and doesn’t much care for bearing weight on his legs. And both of them worry me to death when it comes to tummy time: he gets hysterical almost immediately upon being put on his stomach and faceplants right into the carpet, screaming into the fibers until you lift him up; she isn’t much better, but it takes her longer to get to that hysterical place.

I was in the process of explaining this to the developmental people while they were turning Emmeline over on her stomach — and look at what little Miss Priss did! Just held that head and chest up, happy as you please, as though this was an everyday occurrence. I about had a heart attack. It’s so strange to me that this kind of thing can happen overnight!

I had high hopes that Jack would show the same progress, but, no, hysterical outburst followed by faceplant. So, I’ll keep working with him. He has been behind her a few weeks when it comes to other developmental things so I’m going to try and stop worrying. They weren’t the least concerned about either of them, developmentally speaking: Jack can reach out and grab things on either side of him, brings things so his mouth, can hold his head up, and can bear weight on his legs (though not as much as she can). She can do all of those things and is, in fact, stronger than he is on most of those tasks. They are both right on track for their adjusted gestational age (3.5 months a the time of this visit) and pretty much on track for their actual age (4.5 months). So, yay, until I find something else to worry about, I’m going to start relaxing regarding developmental issues!

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