These apes need a little more socialization.

The kids and I went over to visit my cousin, Pete’s, wife and kids today — they live not even a mile away from us but things have been so busy for both families we haven’t managed to get the kids together before now. They have a daughter who is almost exactly the twins’ age as well as a daughter who is a little over one year old and yet one more daughter who is…seven? I think. Each kid is cuter than the next. Since it’s our first time meeting the kids face-to-face, we of course wanted to make a good impression and forge an immediate bond with a potential playmate…FAILED ON ALL COUNTS. I do not know what is wrong with my children, but at one point during the afternoon, I looked at my kids and thought, there is not one single thing charming about them right now. If I were Christine, I would have been trying to come up with plots and plans to get us the hell out of her house. They have two cats and a dog, all of whom are the sweetest, most gentle pets, and my kids terrorized them, in much the same manner they terrorize our poor family pet, who stays upstairs during the daylight hours and only emerges once the kids are in bed and who is slowly licking all of her fur off of her body out of anxiety. At one point I had to drag Emme off of Pete and Christine’s bed, where she was tromping all over in her dirty shoes in an attempt to try and catch one of the poor cats. You know what they say about kids who terrorize animals, don’t you? Am I raising the next generation of Ted Bundys? Christine’s house is absolutely beautiful, and Emme expressed her appreciation of the environs by running around with a gong mallet, banging everything that would stand still for two seconds, which, one time, included the poor dog, who was a little too slow on the uptake and didn’t realize what she was capable of. And they both ignored their potential new playmate, for the most part, preferring instead to ransack her toy closet like two thieves high on crack. To top it all off, when we left, Jack made a desperate grab for every toy within an arm’s length, shouting, “Take home! Take home!” IT WAS EMBARRASSING. I would imagine that Christine would prefer that my children not poison her sweet kids with their hooligan attitudes, but I plan on inviting them over here next week to see if we can’t make a better second impression. This only serves to emphasize the point that we need to get these kids out more, around more kids and in more social situations where they can learn to behave more civilly. Geez, it was like they were the kid from the movie Nell today.

Here’s one of my little reprobates stuffing as many apples as possible in her mouth (so as to avoid having to share with anyone) and taking up as much room as possible in the tent so no one else could come in.

We had no poop accidents from Emme today, possibly because we had no poop. I am fearful that the success of the last two days was simply because Gam was here, and Emme hates disappointing Gam. I suppose we will see tomorrow. She did get a new puzzle today with two more new ones sitting on the counter, waiting for the next potty success, so I am hopeful that will inspire positive results.

Jack usually wakes up first from nap these days, because it takes Emme up to an hour to fall asleep (if she falls asleep at all). He wakes up sleepy and sweet and spends his ten minutes on the iPad, happy as a lark to have it all to himself.

That’s it for tonight!

Elaine - October 3, 2013 - 8:16 am

Yay! I’m happy to say my subscription was finally successful. I am now receiving Zero to Twins the proper way….without poor Janie needing to forward it. Enjoy each and every one.

Good luck with the potty training….it’ll happen one of these days!

LisaGW - October 3, 2013 - 8:48 am

Oh, how I love your children! That pic of Emme is divine!

Shannon - October 3, 2013 - 7:22 pm

Those kids are adorable!

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