New dad diaries.

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a gamer. That means any type of game in general, but these days it means video games most of the time. Many years ago, I used to write reviews and articles for a couple of national gaming magazines, including the celebrated and lamented Computer Games Magazine. Another contributor was gaming writer par excellence, Tom Chick. So when Tom recently opened up his revamped Quarter to Three website and asked for volunteers to provide content for the front page, I naturally stepped up.

The result was a five part series that just wrapped up called “New Dad Diaries.” Horrible name, I know, but neither Tom nor I could come up with anything catchier. As you might have guessed, the series deals with how a gamer (read: me) and his favorite hobby (read: gaming) change when babies (read: Jack and Emmeline) are introduced to his household.

The pieces have a gaming slant, of course, but I think they will also speak to those uninitiated in the Way of the Gamer. Check it out, and while you’re there, check out some of the other great writing by Tom and the Quarter to Three community.

  1. New Dad Diaries: The Death of Gaming
  2. New Dad Diaries: Protips for New Parents
  3. New Dad Diaries: Altered States
  4. New Dad Diaries: Time in a Bottleneck
  5. New Dad Diaries: The Birth of Gaming


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