In the bathtub with Emme and Jack.

Our bathing practice has evolved from bathing the twins one at a time in the kitchen sink (which got pretty hairy once they were old enough to get really peeved that they weren’t the one getting the attention) to bathing them together in the tub (much more efficient and entertaining). I found these bath seats at a yard sale last weekend and we’re trying them out (they were only $5, what did we have to lose?):

Despite the cuteness that you just witnessed, I’m not thrilled with the bath seats. They almost seem more dangerous than just having the babies sit in the tub by themselves. They kind of get stuck in them, requiring much bending and twisting of limbs to get them out, and I’m having nightmares that they might get stuck in them while their heads are underwater. We never leave them alone for a second, anyway, so I don’t know why we wouldn’t just hold on to them ourselves rather than relying on these giant hunks of plastic to do it for us.

But they are enjoying being able to play in the tub together!

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