Our very own nature conservatory.

I ordered this bird feeder from Amazon to suction-cup to the outside of our window in the playroom. I was so proud of myself for coming up with the idea — I imagined hours of bird watching for the babies and me. Justin could not have been more doubtful that I would have any luck getting it to stick to the window. I had the last laugh when he had to go downstairs to pick it up off the ground at 12 am. I did eventually get it to stick (the secret was cleaning the outside of the window and wetting the suction cups a little before sticking it on) but it has been a real bust as a functioning bird feeder. Until yesterday, when we had our first diner:

Look at that wee little birdie helping himself to our generous offerings! I had read that once you had a bird or two visit you would get more because they spread the word that there is free food to be had; however, I have not seen a single other bird yet. Even this one hasn’t been back for seconds — the supply of birdfeed remains depressingly full. What the heck am I doing wrong?

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