The twins meet G.P. and E-Nis-I!

Justin’s parents put a lot of thought into the names the babies would be calling them. My parents were already Grandpa and Grandma (we’re traditionalists, what can I say) to four grandchildren, so Justin’s mom and dad kind of felt like those names were already taken. Justin’s mom, Joey, decided on E-Nis-I, or Nis-I for short, which is the Cherokee word for Grandmother and his Dad, Andy, decided on G.P., which is what his co-workers had been calling him since they found out Justin was having a baby. We were thrilled to have them drive all the way up from Arkansas to meet their first grandchildren this week!

As you can see, Justin’s parents are ridiculously young. If they took our babies out in public, people would think they were THEIR babies, not that they were their grandchildren! Both babies loved playing with their grandparents.

We really hate living this far away from our families. I keep thinking about how I grew up hundreds of miles away from my grandparents, only seeing them once a year, and I couldn’t have loved them more…I never felt like my relationship with them was affected by the distance. But I so want the kind of life for these babies where their grandparents are just a short car ride away and every holiday is spent surrounded by family. I keep trying to convince my family members to move to Chicago but they seem stubbornly attached to Arkansas.

The twins will look forward to seeing you at Christmas, G.P. and Nis-I!

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