Black Friday shopping: Thrift store style.

Oh, peeps. All of the area thrift stores had half-price (or more) sales on everything in the store on Black Friday. Since we’re contemplating moving within the year (away from this plentiful supply of thrift store shopping — I weep to think of it), I thought it might be a good time to start stocking up on some 18- and 24-month clothes for the babies. Half price day seemed like a pretty good day to do it. I braved the crowds and hit three thrift stores — spent over an hour in each, rubbing shoulders and elbows with my neighbors, and it was all worth it.

That, my friends, is what I came home with. I spent about $135 and ended up with a ton of clothes that should see us through the next year. I’m sure I’ll have to supplement here and there, but we’re good on the basics: plenty of jeans, khakis, t-shirts, and shorts. I wish that I had gotten a good coat for each of them for next year but I totally spaced on looking for outerwear.

Oh, except I did get the little London Fog raincoat. Those wee shoes are so cute but we tried them on her and they might have well have put cooking oil on the bottom — she slips and slides everywhere! And the cute dress on the right is one of FOUR that I got for Emme to wear around the holiday season next year.

All in all, for the price of about 6 new outfits, I got eight pairs of jeans; six pairs of various khaki-type pants for each of them; some sweatshirts and hoodies for cooler-but-not-cold weather; a plethora of t-shirts for the summer time; holiday wear for Christmas of 2012; a variety of tops — shirts, sweaters, etc.; some PJs for next fall; and two Halo sleep sacks, which we are already using as their bedroom is FREEZING and they can’t keep their little afghans on themselves at night. All in all, an EXCELLENT haul. It makes me feel very secure to look at those big Rubbermaid bins full of clothes! Now I have to STOP SHOPPING. Avoid temptation. Stay out of the baby section in all stores. We’re set for a while.

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