Territorial expansion.

Emmeline was all up in Jack’s bidness from the get-go — she took 3/4 of the womb while Jack was crunched up into his one little quarter that she afforded him. On some of the ultrasounds we actually saw her reaching her hand out to him, as if crowding him to such a degree wasn’t enough — she needed to actually be in contact with him at all times.

Things haven’t changed a lot on the outside. You know, I spend a lot of time worrying about how lonely they may have been in the NICU, when they were immediately separated and stayed that way for two weeks. But then I think — maybe that was the happiest time in Jack’s life. Maybe he was all, hey, this is pretty awesome, I’m really glad my overbearing roommate has disappeared.

Evidence of Emme’s deep and abiding affection for her brother is in the video below. We got them their own playmats so that they could have some space but that’s not okay with Emmeline.

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