We’re having two babies. Where the hell do we put them?

I now realize that Justin and I lived such a life of luxury pre-babies. We live in a three bedroom apartment, with a huge living room, dining room, and storage room; the kitchen has a huge walk-in pantry and we have another storage space in the basement. Closet space is plentiful. Of course, because I’m a collector and avid thrift store/estate sale/yard sale junkie, I had no trouble filling our space, despite the fact that there are only two of us living here. When we found out we were pregnant with twins, it never occurred to us to move — we like our apartment, I’m a block and a half away from work, we love our landlord, and the pregnancy morning sickness was so swift and intense that I could not imagine finding the time or energy to move in the next nine months. So we had to find a place to put the babies. I mean, they couldn’t live in our bedroom’s walk in closet, could they? Wait, could they?

Of course they could not. So we had to decide what to do with them. One of the extra bedrooms in our apartment is “my” room, where I stash all of my craft and project supplies, as well as whatever I’ve bought recently that might go on eBay. The other extra bedroom is Justin’s room — I call it his media center. He’s got all of his gaming stuff, his giant TV, his computer¬†paraphernalia, books, and collectors items stashed there. It is a Geek’s Paradise, let me tell you. I always tease him about the time a friend’s 12-year-old boy was visiting and, when he saw Justin’s room, thought he had died and gone to heaven.

We never really discussed where the nursery would be but a couple of months into the pregnancy, it became obvious to me that we were both assuming that my room would become the nursery. And that started irritating me. Why wasn’t it even a possibility that the Media Center would be the nursery? Everything in my life and body was changing, was it too much to ask that I keep my little sanctuary? So one day I had one of my irrational pregnancy hormone-fueled freak outs and yelled something to the effect of “I KNOW THAT YOU THINK THE NURSERY IS GOING TO AUTOMATICALLY GO IN MY ROOM BUT I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I DON’T THINK THAT’S FAIR.” Thus followed one of the many discussions where Justin was forced to remain patient and understanding as my head rotated on my body and I spewed anger and resentment. Eventually, what he was saying got through to me: everything in this apartment is, essentially, mine. I do all the decorating and all of the things that I collect are on display. He’s only got one place to put all of his collections — his room. Now, to be fair, he prefers it that way — he’s very particular about his stuff, and he doesn’t like the thought of it all out for public consumption. He’s afraid the cats will break or ruin something. Oh, okay, let’s be honest — he’s afraid I might break or ruin something. But still, I had to admit that one room certainly wasn’t too much to ask. So I had to figure out what to do with the TONS of stuff that was in my bedroom. Here’s a before shot:

(Sorry about the Frankensteined photo — I’m not too good at stitching things together in Photoshop.)

So as you can see, there was quite a lot of crap to find another place for. I ended up turning the sunroom into a sort-of craft room (that did not last long as, of course, the babies needed a place to play…my next post is about turning that into the playroom) and moving a lot of the stuff in there. I also went through everything and put a bunch of stuff on eBay that I had been holding on to. The rest went to the Salvation Army.

Once the room was emptied out, we started trying to figure out how to decorate one room for both a boy and a girl. We’re not big on making sure Jack gets only blue stuff and Emme gets only pink stuff, but I didn’t want it to be overwhelmingly boyish or girlish. I thought about going with neutral tones…greens, yellows, creams, etc…but that just didn’t appeal to me. I had already started picking up some vintage items to decorate with and they were mostly in blues and pinks so I wanted to kind of stick with that old fashioned idea. We decided to go with blue paint with one accent wall with a more feminine pattern wallpaper in pinks and blues. By the way, a friendly piece of advice — don’t ever wallpaper with an eight-months-pregnant woman. Even if it’s just one wall. I’m pretty sure my husband would back me up on that.

Here’s what it looks like right now:

There are still some tweaks that I want to make — I have some stuff that I want to get on the wall. I planned on ordering these, personalized, to go over each crib, but it’s kind of up in the air as to how long we’ll be in this apartment and $130 for both of them is a lot of money if we move within six months of buying them. I am beyond pleased at how perfectly the little armoire and the cribs fit on the wall — even if it does look like it’s basically wall-to-wall cribs in there…there’s really no way to avoid that, I guess. It’s a small room. The cribs were the least inexpensive we could find at Babies R Us — we splurged on the mattresses. I tried to find second-hand cribs but couldn’t find two matching — or even two that were complimentary. The armoire was a Craigslist item — $60, and it actually came with a little white wicker table as well. The changing table is super nice and fancy — another Craigslist find at $150. The drawers are huge and hold all of the twins’ blankets, diapers, wipes, and that still leaves one drawer to use for non-pajama outfits. The photos above are all pictures of the twins’ immediate relatives on both sides of our family. We try and have them look at them pretty frequently; I don’t know if it registers or not, but since our family is so far away we want to do whatever we can to promote familiarity. They seem to study them pretty closely and always look at them while we’re changing them. The rocker came from Goodwill and was $35 — the color is not ideal, but it’s in great shape and is really comfortable. My Mom made the dust ruffles out of vintage sheets that I found:

We are only using sheets and dust ruffles in the bed — no crib bumpers. The Tribune did a series on the dangers of bumpers that scared the hell out of me. Read that article if you’re thinking of using them.

So that’s where we’re at right now. I do want to do some additional decorating; I would also like to get a throw rug. I just ordered some blackout curtains from Amazon that I hope help out with bedtime — the room gets amazing light and it’s bright as blazes in there at 8 pm, which is when we’re aiming for bedtime.

I must say, these kids are so cute, I only miss my craft room the tiniest bit.

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