Saturday secondhand finds.

This Saturday was a lovely day. The weather was decent and warm, there were plentiful rummage sales, and one of the rummage sales had a neighborhood sale adjacent to the church so it was one-stop shopping all the way. My nine-month bout of morning sickness, heartburn, and general aches and pains set in right around this time last year so it’s been about a year since I’ve felt fully myself…today kind of felt like the first day I was fully back to my old life, doing something I love to do. It was a very pleasant day.

But, of course, there was one item I came home regretting that I missed out on…a Baby Bjorn carrier for $3!!! I had my arms full of stuff at this one sale when I spotted it — I had exactly $3 left and the items in my arms added up to $3.25. I managed to talk the woman down to $3 for what I had already picked up and then scurried to my car to go to a cash machine, but when I came back with the carrier it was gone. Of course. I mean, it was THREE DOLLARS. A hundred times before I have asked someone at a yard sale to hold something for me while I run to get cash — I don’t know why I didn’t do it this time. We have one Bjorn and Emme likes it — we also have an Ergo, and can’t seem to talk either of them into liking it, so we were planning on buying another Bjorn…I can probably find one second hand for less than full price but I know I will never find one for that low. So, this Saturday’s One That Got Away: Baby Bjorn Carrier for $3. Sigh.

Here’s what I did get:

The two toys on the top left row were fifty cents each. I accidentally picked up another Fuzzy Bee book — it and the other books were fifty cents each. More plastic loops! My kids can’t get enough of them. (By the way: if I buy anything second hand that will end up in my kids’ mouths, I soak them in very hot water and antibacterial soap.) The mirror is for tummy time, and has been a hit with vain little Ms. Emmeline so far — she can’t take her eyes off of herself and it keeps her occupied so she doesn’t fuss so much about being on her stomach. And the wicker chest is quite large — about two feet long — and is for the toys in the playroom.

I also found four vintage readers for a quarter each. This is ordinarily the kind of find I would post on my vintage blog Pretty.Quirky., but because it’s ultimately going to end up nursery decoration, I’ll post it here as well…one of the characters in one of the books is named Jack, and I’m going to frame a sequence of pages for the nursery:

I love the colors so much…still so bright and vibrant, fifty years later.

And here are a few shots of Emmeline in some of the clothes I’ve gotten for her over the past two weekends. She’s spitting up so much these days, she goes through multiple costume changes in a day.

I love the outfit on the left — it will be perfect for really warm days. It’s made of a very light fabric and looks comfortable. It was seventy-five cents. I want one for myself. It would be flattering, don’t you think? The outfit on the right is a Janie and Jack, and had spit up stains on the white part of it — I think that’s why it was still at the rummage sale late in the day. It was $1, and Oxyclean took the stain right out. I don’t know why it’s so much easier to find second hand girls’ clothes than boys’ — maybe people buy more clothes for their girls than they do for their boys because the clothes for baby girls are so much cuter? The selection is somewhat smaller, but I really don’t have much of a problem finding stuff for Jack as well…here’s one of my favorite finds from over the past month:

And boy, does he ever think he’s Top Dog. I got this for ninety cents at the thrift store.

More fun finds next weekend!

Marylouise - April 4, 2017 - 4:42 pm

I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a breothr out.

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