Turning over a new leaf.

Emmeline turned over from her stomach to her back today! She has been on the verge of it for some time, but never managed that extra oomph she needed…today it was like she couldn’t stop — I took video of her and no sooner did I put her on her tummy but she was on her back again. I had to just turn on the video and leave it running in order to catch it.

I was so excited, then Googled to see if she was early or on track…and found out she was late. Babies are supposed to turn over from stomach to back around three or four months, is that right? So she’s at five months and a week (really four months, gestationally), so she’s late. I am wondering if this might be because we’ve swaddled them since the beginning? Maybe they’re not getting any practice at rolling or attempting to roll in the crib? This is so typical of motherhood…the baby does something great and all I can do is worry that she hasn’t done it earlier. Argh! Meanwhile, little Jackie boy hasn’t even managed to get his arms underneath himself to push up. I suppose if I’m worrying, it should be about him.

Because I must be worrying at all times, right?

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